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Hearty welcome to Bismillah Education Trust Website, which provides an academic environment in variety of disciplines , a college that leads, that grows, builds futures – YOUR FUTURE. Students are encouraged to become self motivated and independent learners and gain a competitive edge in a competitive globalized world. The College is managed by the Bismillah Educational Trust. The Trust was founded in 1985 by a group of eminent personalities committed to the cause of education. The College is a modern attractive building made equipped with all requisite modern facilities, situated in Bismillahnagar. The College provides a safe, stable and well equipped atmosphere for the students to learn and grow. This is achieved mainly by the infrastructure support provided by our management members. As the world gets smaller and smaller everyday with the technology and communication explosion, the need to think globally has become paramount importance. The paradigm shift from local to global is a process of change, and the need to adapt to such change is what education today is all about

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