In the year 1985 a far sighted figure by name Mr. Shukoor visualised concept of establishing an institute. He along with few youngsters as volunters in this task with 21 members started Bismillah Educational Trust with the only vision to educate Muslim Girls. On 2nd October 1985 Bismillah Educational Trust came into existence and  Gulzar Nau-Nihal Nursery School was inaugurated By Late. S A. Shukoor at Bismillah Nagar and mavalli in the presence of Late. Mir Maqsood Ali, Chief guest Janab Abdul Wajid, AEO. Gulzar Nau-Nihal Nursery School was started at janab S A. Shukoor’s residence at mavalli.


After complition of one sucessful year BET Primary School was established at Bismillah Nagar.

First ever calender was released by Late. Azeez sait on 18th November to generate funds towards the institution.


A scholarship committee was started by Late. Noor Mohammed Dawood, who contributed first.

R. Rehman Baig, Riyaz Ahmed, Janab Jameel Ahmed, Janab Abdul Wajid were also present. The committee helps students who are orphans, economically poor and deserving. The budget of the scholarship has reached 15 lakhs right now, by the contributions from Philanthropist, Zakath & Donations monthly as well as yearly.


As time progressed with in a short span of time BET Sufia Girls High School at Bismillah Nagar was established, with the Permission given by The Govt. of Karnataka. School name Sufia is in the honour of spouse of Late. Noor Mohammed Dawood. The School was inaugurated by Late. Alhaj Azeez Sait on 25th February in the presence of K. Rahman Khan, Mr. SM. Yahya, Mr.  R. Roshan Baig and others. Janab Zafr Saifulla I.A.S farmer cabinet secretary helped in fetching the permission from the government.


As time passed with huge achievements in hand BET Commerce Institute at Bismillah Nagar was started, with the Permission given by The Govt. of Karnataka. Hundred’s of Girls are getting trained in typing & short hand. The institute was inaugurated by former minister Late. S. A Yahya, then presided by IDPI Shri. Sampangi. Ghazal Concert was also introduced to generate funds towards the institution.


The trust organised a charity program by name Sharia-Ghazal by the world famous ghazal singer Mr. Mahdi Hasan.The concert was chaired by Naushad Ali,  Shri Ram Krishna Hedge, C.K Jaffer Sheriff, Azeez Sait, R. Roshan Baig, K Ramaiya , and Other personalities of work were also present.


BET Composite PU College For Girls was established and inaugurated by Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, founder of Al-Ameen Movement on 26th June. Moulana Riyaz Ur Rehman Rashadi, Alhaj K. Rahman Khan, Mr R. Sagheer Ahmed, Ramlinga Reddy, Mr Sadath Ali Khan, Corporator Ramaiah & others were also present.


Great success of BET composite PU college laid to the establishment of BET Sadhathunnisa Degree College For Women, was inaugurated by C.M Shai and J.H Patel. The foundation laying ceremony was presided by Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan pro-chancellor Aligarh muslim university and stone laid by Honorable C.M Mr. Farooq Abdulla. Thus the historical event was witnessed by Shri. B.L Shankar M.L.C, Ramlinga Reddy,  Shahtaj Khanum, R. Roshan Baig and others.


As per the confidence of public and parents in trust compelled to start BET English Medium Higher Primary School, was established at 16th main B.T.M Layout Madina Nagar, with the permission given by The Govt. of Karnataka. As BET Institution  completed its Silver Jubilee , the new structure at Madina Nagar where in 3 floors have been named as Silver Jubilee.