Madina Nagar Nursery School

Lower Primary School (Urdu medium)

This school was started during 1985-86 in temporary shed at Bismillahnagar, with due permission from Govt. of Karnataka vide GO No. 148 SOH 85(2) date: 4-7-1986. The first recognition was received from DDPI Bangalore South District vide recognition no. C8-REC-63/88-89 dates 2-11-1988. The Government of Karnataka declared this school as linguistic and religious minority school, vide GO No. ED.68.SMC.94.S. Appointment of six teachers of this school was approved by the department vide Govt order No. ED 223 CMS 94 dt 22-09-1994. BET Higher Primary School is registered at DDPI, Bangalore South District vide No. 35, ANU, book No 2, page No. 214, dated 13-12-2000. The strength of the school as on Sep 2006 is 288.