June 6th 2015 Benefits of team work on team goal- Inspirational talk by Dr Mushtaaq Ahmed

Dr Mushtaaq Ahmed Founder of Shifa  Hospital and Huda Group of Institutions gave his first talk on the importance and positive aspects of working together towards a common vision and explained how better teamwork help institution and individuals reach their goals  and motivated the faculty to get into the habit of dreaming big   , and have courage to pursue their  dreams  to make them turn into reality   by working consistently and purposefully , and at the same time emphasized the need for new techniques and strategies to be adopted in teaching methods to promote a quality system of education with a focus on value based education , in almost an 1 ½ hours the kind of wisdom and world class information he shared was mind-boggling and mesmerizing which made  the teaching faculty excited and energized and prepared them to face day to day challenges with a better perspective .

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