A webinar on 21st June, 2020 on “COMMUNICATION SKILLS” was hosted by BET COMPOSITE PU COLLEGE, Bangalore. Presented by Mrs. Vidya Kamath, Lecturer, Dept. Of English, Arya Vidya Shala PU COLLEGE, Bangalore and the member of the Present Text Book Committee. The event was started with a welcome speech by Ms. Tasnim Khanum, Department of Chemistry. And winded up with a vote of thanks by our staff secretary Mrs. Asma Siddiqua, Department of Sociology. The webinar had a presentation on communication skills with a detailed explanation of importance of communication skills.

The webinar included the points of communication skills with an explanation about the importance of communication. The concept of 4cs, i.e; clarity, correctness, conciseness, and courtesy were spoken. Finally, the value of using KINESICS and PROXEMICS was taught followed by many fables with morals.

Overall, the interaction of webinar for the first time was really worth beneficial.

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