A national webinar was organized by BET COMPOSITE PU COLLEGE for the topic of “IMPORTANCE OF ONLINE TEACHING IN PRESENT SCENARIO”.  The speaker for this event was Dr. Syed Burhan, Director of Huda National School, CEO of Cumin Technologies. 

This event began with qirath by Madam, Ghazala Hashmath, Department of Deeniyath, welcome of the guest was done by Ms. Saubiah Shabbir Ahmed, lecturer, Department of English.  

It was followed by a short story with a moral “It’s better to change yourself rather than changing the entire world”, he stated all about a king’s story where he described about the king who painted the entire city red, as he was allergic to other colours around him. He tried explaining the present scenario with many examples. The first example he used was about the stages of a butterfly, first stage is the stage of a caterpillar, second stage is the stage of Pupa, and the third stage was of a butterfly. He compared the human life of a person before lockdown, in lockdown and post lockdown.  He focused mostly about the topic mentioned for the webinar, that is, online teaching. He explained the value of classes to be conducted on online teaching. He clarified a few doubts pertaining about participation in online classes, how the environment for studying online should be created. The parents were taught with an abbreviation for BEST: B- Believe, E-Encouragement, S-Support and T-Time. He also mentioned teachers about the quality they should represent, he said that the teachers should become a person who should feel comfortable to discuss their situation with. He quoted with many quotes as “Don’t wait for the situation to change, instead change the situation” by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.  He also quoted “Start thinking big, big will be thought by those who’re not cowards”. “Genius will always think great”. He said: students should mainly focus on 3 things, they are: Position, Create Environment and Time Management. He said the value of clearing fee for the welfare of institution and management of teaching faculty simultaneously.

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