Qutba on EId ul Adha

Qutba on EId ul Adha

A National webinar in Urdu titled “Qutba on EId ul Adha” was scheduled on 23rd of July 2020. The speaker for this webinar was Maulana Muhammad Shakirulla Rashadi, Khateeb o Imam, Masjid-e-Bilal, Bangalore-29, was hosted by BET COMPOSITE PU COLLEGE. The webinar was anchored by Madam Sayera Uzma, Lecturer, Dept. of Physics. Qirath was recited by Afeefa Mehfooz, former student of PCMB. Naat for this event was recited by Arshiya Taj, student of II HEPS. The welcome for the webinar was done by Madam Ghazala Hashmat, Dept. of Deeniyat. This webinar was on the Eid ul Adha. The importance of Ibadat in  this Ashura was spoken by the chief guest, Maulana Muhammad Shakirulla Rashadi. He used many hadees e nabvi to describe the importance of this occasion. He also spoke about having patience in this situation. Later vote of thanks was said by Farhath Parveen, of II PCMB.

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